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Scanner entry-level Heron has all the features required by most users. The scanner is suitable for medium reading distances (almost from direct contact up to 20 cm) when used at the checkout or in the office and shows high performance, with a modern comfortable design. All Heron models work fine both in manual and in automatic mode on a stand due to its lightweight ergonomic design and the specially designed stand that is included with the respective model. The scanner automatically switches from automatic to manual mode without the stand and, on the contrary, when fixing it on the stand, accompanied by an audible signal. Designed to meet all of the requirements of working at the checkout, the Heron series scanners are shipped with the following interfaces: the standard D130 multi-interface model (RS-232, USB, Wedge and Wand emulation); the D110 model, fully compatible with POS terminals from IBM; the D140 model, which transmits read data without decoding and the D150 EAS model is equipped with an antenna and a special interface cable for docking with the antitheft systems Nedap and Checkpoint® EAS, allowing you to read the label and deactivate the EAS tag in one motion. All scanners use a patented Datalogic Heron confirm read ‘Green Spot’, flashing the green signal for correct read back on the code. In automatic mode the green spot remains on to show the operator where to read to speed up positioning labels.


Scanner type: manual
Distance of scanning: from 11 to 27 cm
Scan depth: 57 cm
Scanning frequency: 235 scans per second
The radiation source: red laser led 640 nm
Coefficient of contrast (PCS): from 15%
Module width of the barcode (min): from 0.100 mm
Supported bar codes: Automatically recognizes all standard 1D bar codes, including linear codes of a family of GS1 DataBar™
Interfaces: “Световое перо”: D130;RS-232: D130;RS-232 / IBM 46XX: D110,D150; USB: D130; Выход недекодированных данных: D140; Разрыв клавиатуры: D130
Food: 4.5-5.5 V / 155 mA
Temperature (min): 0 With
Temperature (max): 55 With
Storage temperature (min): - 20 With
Storage temperature (max): 70 With
Humidity non-condensing (min): 5%
Humidity non-condensing (max): 90%
Impact resistance: withstands a drop onto a concrete surface from a height of 1.8 m
Weight: 0,160 kg
Length: 152 mm
Width 68 mm
Height: 153 mm
Guarantee: 5 years