Datalogic Gryphon 2D+

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The Gryphon readers from Datalogic Scanning are the models, the level of premium for a wide class of problems. Presents a series of models with a wide range of possibilities. Series scanners Gryphon Desk 2D Plus features improved optical module with the function ”reading in motion” that allows easy reading of barcodes located on fast-moving objects, making the scanner ideal for use in trade and light industry. With high speed capture and directional sensor, reader, scanner, Gryphon D4X2 Plus improves productivity of the operator in a wide range of tasks. He recognizes most popular symbologies, including 1D, 2D and postal barcodes, and barcodes in the stack and composite codes, PDF417 and GS1 DataBar. Scanner Gryphon D4X2 Plus is also able to capture photos of objects regardless of their orientation, being an excellent tool for applications that work with images, as for example, capturing a handwritten signature and scanning of documents. The Gryphon D432e model is designed to read high density barcodes. The family of scanners Gryphon Desk 2D Plus uses the patented Datalogic system confirm read ‘Green Spot’, flashing green signal is correctly read back the barcode, which is especially useful when working in a noisy environment. Also the scanner is equipped with a comfortable and intuitive sight. Sight aktiviziruyutsya when pressing the trigger the scan are included in this 5 light points, 4 at the corners of the capture region and one in its center. You can choose from two sets of interfaces for Gryphon D4X2 Plus: multi-interface model for communication with the terminal via uSB (CoM and Wedge emulation), rS-232 or Wedge emulation or model interface IBM 46XX, which also includes uSB and rS-232. Configurator software Datalogic Aladdin™ allows you to easily configure all the scanner settings, and view the resulting image.


Scanner type: manual
Distance of scanning: Минимальное расстояние, определяемое длиной символа и углом сканирования. 10 mil Data Matrix: 1.5 до 14.0 см; 10 mil PDF: 0.5 до 22.0 см; EAN13 - 13 mils: 1.5 до 22.0 см.
Scan depth: 57 cm
Scanning frequency: 232 scans per second
The radiation source: Прицел: 630 до 670 Нм VlD
Coefficient of contrast (PCS): from 23%
Module width of the barcode (min): from 0.100 mm
Supported bar codes: Автоматически распознает все стандартные 1D штрихкоды, включая линейные коды семейства GS1 DataBar™ Двумерные штрих-коды Data Matrix; MaxiCode; QR Code
Interfaces: "Световое перо"; IBM 46xx; RS-232; USB; Разрыв клавиатуры
Food: рабочий ток (Средний): 245 mA @ 5 VDC; Ток ожидания (Средний): 120 mA @ 5 VDC
Temperature (min): 0 With
Temperature (max): 50 With
Storage temperature (min): - 20 With
Storage temperature (max): 70 With
Humidity non-condensing (min): 5%
Humidity non-condensing (max): 95%
Impact resistance: withstands a drop onto a concrete surface from a height of 1.5 m
Weight: 0,198 kg
Length: 179 mm
Width 81 mm
Height: 98 mm
Guarantee: 5 years